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Details: Prag Ass
We provide product consulting for start-up services, product lines, supplemental services, and innovative improvements and serve health plans and companies which serve the payer market.  Helping you deliver to the top line growth is the goal, and ensuring streamlined operations with operational improvement assessments, product lifecycle management, product roadmaps, and implementation planning is part of creating a sustainable future for your mission.
Now more than ever the investments made in technology need to be cost-effective, sustainable, and meet the market need.  We deliver supportive consulting for investment decisions, operational improvement strategy, technology selection, technology roadmap services, and development backlog planning.  Our goal is to ensure you have the vision for success you need to provide the market service intended. We follow a "best of need" methodology to ensure that you clearly know the problem you are trying to solve and the trade-offs of various solutions.
Investing in technology and product can be a solution, however, often the opportunity exists to build and optimize processes in the organization without spending significant investment dollars.  It can be a challenge to see past "how we have always done it".  We welcome the challenge to engage your organization in a meaningful move away from "comfortably broken" into a new flow that optimizes your people-power investment.  Sometimes this is needed as part of the change management of new technology implementations, new products, or as a result of ever-increasing regulatory change.
Through research, industry contacts, and partnerships, we can help identify synergies, potential areas of mutual benefit between companies.  Beyond just the research, we will help define the synergistic relationship, identify proof-points for your entry with the prospective partner, and help develop the relationship.  We also research competitors' product offerings and   complete market assessments.   Our research and development will provide insights for your future investments.

Are you looking for a brief engagement of two to three weeks to evaluate a process, operation, project, program or plan?  You might be looking for a Pragmatic Assessment.



Unique service. A short, focused engagement to assess operations, products, services, or projects.  Very helpful before committing to a large-scale investment or a hard implementation date.  Provides a high-level gap analysis, opportunity areas, and helps you chart your course to success (or affirms the road you are on!). 



This is a representative process for a project engagement in organizational improvement.  Each project type is different, and the client requirements drive the overall process, driving the schedule of services.  We can provide an outline for your specific need, whether it is Medicare Advantage product launch, IT system selection and implementation, or business development activities.



Purpose and clarity of mission leads to client satisfaction.  We will work with you to carefully understand your needs and desired outcomes to scope the consulting engagement.


Through various channels and working with your team(s), identify and collect relevant data, performance information and environmental drivers.


Aggregate and review findings to develop appropriate, high value performance improvement initiatives.



A common tool is to create a Strategic Improvement Agenda – in collaboration with your executive team, prioritize and evaluate each initiative relative to timing, investment requirement and anticipated return.


Based on prior work, identify accountabilities, timing and deliverables while managing implementation and tracking of prioritized strategic initiatives.



Get focused on what you need to reach the goal. Let us help you make more informed business decisions through a pragmatic approach to reviewing the plan to get there. Technology decisions, timeline planning, product position, operational assessment: Get it right the first time. Don't do it over or spend your effort explaining delays because of large (missed) scope considerations.​

 Do you really need a long consulting commitment? Maybe not. Your teams are talented and smart. You just may need a boost to know you're going to nail it or discover the root cause of issues in your operations. You need the practical approach: a Pragmatic Assessment.  No lengthy commitments, low overhead.  


Fast. Focused. Facts. Delivered.

  • We offer a short, focused consulting engagement to review what your need is and assess your plan.

  • You provide cohesive documentation on what you are doing, the business plan, and approach.

  • We research, analyze, and interview in your organization and externally.

  • We provide a structured review and create fast, focused facts delivered in the Pragmatic Assessment.

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